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About Us

WTF is SOLADO you ask? Well let us tell you.
SOLADO is a fashion and social driven brand, inspired by you.
At SOLADO we want to build a community that offers a space for everyone.
You don't have to change yourself to fit us, because we're constantly moulding ourselves to fit you.
We are for you, we are for them, we are for everyone.
We're on a mission to influence the future of fashion, empowering people to wear whatever TF they want without fear of stereotype or judgement.
From our first ever brand campaign with a focus on gender inclusivity, to our ambition to revolutionise fast fashion through sustainable practises,
We and our team fuelled by this purpose to do things a little differently.
We strive to be a collaborative brand; learning, sharing and growing together with our customer and the creators around us,
putting them and their feedback at the core of everything we do, to design and curate products that we are proud of,
and that our customers can feel comfortable enough to express themselves in.
Community is important to us, and we want to build a SOLADO community that offers a space for everyone, where nobody feels alienated.
Whether it's through social issues, well-being or just inspiring imagery and content, we're proud to amplify everyones' voices through our collaborative fashion platform.
Yes we sell clothes; but we recognise there's a way to do this that includes everyone, and makes it a little easier on the environment.
So shop wisely, aim to wear something more than once, swap your Solado with your friends and come back and see us when you want something new.
With your support, we'll influence the future of fashion. Our team are dedicated to doing it differently, and want to put YOU at the heart of everything we do.
Got some feedback? We wanna hear it.
Contact us:
PR - outreach@solado.com
Customer Support: support@solado.com

August 2021

  • With the ambition to influence the future of fast fashion and do things a little differently, Solado was born.

September 2021

  • We officially welcomed our U.K team to the Solado family.

November 2021

  • Our first ever influencer collaboration and brand campaign "Wear WTF You Want" went live.

January 2022

  • We launched biodegradable packaging for our influencer parcel send outs and gained carbon neutral status through our partnership with Trace.

February 2022

  • We launched our second brand campaign, "We're Taking Sexy Back," with the aim to inspire our customer to reclaim what looking and feeling sexy feels like on your own terms.
We are so happy to support:
Sustainable savanna burning on Tiwi Islands, Australia
Rimba Raya Peatlands Conservation, Indonesia
Efficient cookstoves, Nepal

We are very excited to work with @our_trace and would love for you to follow our journey towards becoming a more sustainable brand here.
Love, the SOLADO team x

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